The Sunday Gift Guide for Restful Moments

The holidays are upon us! Over the years, we’ve been trying to perfect the art of gift giving, especially when it comes to helping our #SundaySleepClub loved ones rest easy.

Be it refreshing our homes for a more mindful year ahead, building self-care rituals, or connecting with the people who are important to us, our favourite gifts are the ones that help us in the pursuit of wellbeing. We share our top tips and ideas below.

Tip #1: Keep it simple

It can be tempting to go for bigger or flashier gifts, but often, simple and accessible gifts are more likely to be enjoyed in the long term. Gifts that have more features, or are more unique may wow your recipient when they first unwrap it, but may also end up underused or underappreciated if they involve too much effort to use or access!

The exception may be when it’s something that your recipient has explicitly requested, or mentioned needing.

Removable wall decals

Easy to customise and reuse, decals are an effortless way to decorate a room, and can be enjoyed well past the first use. Try the Removable Wall Decals from our Little Joys collection for parents or kids.


Contrasting pillowcase covers are a lovely and quick way to spruce up any bedroom, and there’s less risk that they won’t fit your recipient’s mattress or duvet, or suit their home décor.


Use to snuggle with on a rainy day, drape over furniture as décor, or over your shoulders as a shawl or nursing blanket. Throws are a versatile item for any home.

Image c/o @thehomeodyssey.

Tip #2: Indulge a little

While not mandatory, small indulgences can add joy to our wellness rituals now and again. One of our favourite gifting tips is to get something that our recipients love, but wouldn’t normally get for themselves — from a spa treatment package to a small item that makes self-care feel a tad more indulgent, and less routine.

Scented candles

Lighting a candle instantly changes a space. From the warm glow of the flame to scents that soothe or uplift, invite someone to wind down and relax with a candle.

Hand cream

Our hands are constantly in use and deserve a little treat too. Hand care offers a small moment to pause what we’re doing, slow down, and care for ourselves and our bodies.


Inject a little comfort and luxury into the day to day. Soft and fluffy, the plush Sunday Towels feel wonderful on the skin and make each use a delight.

Image c/o @luxmondi.

Tip #3: Make it an experience

Experiences make some of the most memorable gifts, and let you and your recipient feel closer to each other. Whether it’s attending a concert, trying out a great restaurant, or trying a class for their favourite hobby, your recipient will think of you when they’re enjoying that experience, even if you’re not there.

You don’t always have to splash out on tickets or memberships to give someone an experience they’ll appreciate either. For a meaningful, budget-friendly experience, try organising something for your recipient, or in groups like family or a circle of friends.

A night in or a home spa gathering

Besides food and drink, home spa essentials, or items like candles to dress up your space, all you need is good company and things you may already have — like movies or games.

Cook a shared meal

Often, there’s nothing like food to bring people together. Cook a meal together, or cook something for your recipient, especially if it’s been a while since you spent quality time together.

“Open when” letters

Write your own messages with instructions for your recipient to open and read at a later date, from specific dates like a birthday to occasions like when they need a little motivation.

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to ask

If you’re still stuck on gift ideas for someone, don’t be afraid to ask! The best gifts are items that your recipient will use or cherish for a longer time. When in doubt, find out if there’s something they’ve been needing or wishing for, rather than getting a gift they might not appreciate as much.

Need more gift inspiration? Browse our gift collections, where we've put together three selections of our top Sunday picks for the different relationships and occasions in our lives.

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