6 Creative Ways to Decorate Kids' Walls

Decorating empty walls of a kid’s room can be a little daunting — what do you do with all that space, and how do you make it feel warm, welcoming, and not tacky as your child grows up?

Below, we put together a few of our favourite ways to introduce fun, playful elements that inspire joy and creativity, while being easy to implement, remove and reuse.

1. Make a statement with wallpaper

Wallpaper can instantly change the way a space looks and feels — and it no longer has to involve the same commitment or effort of traditional wallpaper. Peel-and-stick wallpaper options are easy to install and remove, and create a big impact that can be easily changed up the next time you decide to redecorate.

Try covering your walls with a light, playful design, or make a statement by wallpapering just one accent wall with a bolder look.

Try accenting part of a wall, as seen in the room of Winnie Chia's girls.

Let your little ones have a say in their décor using wall decals.

2. Play with removable wall decals

Not too comfortable with installing wallpaper? Removable wall decals or wall stickers are a small, easy way to liven up any kid’s space.

Combine different decals to create your own pattern, or let your little loves get hands on with their own space and express their creativity too. Since they’re removable and reusable, wall decals allow little ones to select, place and move their own designs wherever inspiration takes them.

3. Add storage and functionality with open shelving

Open shelving works as a great complement to closed storage by doubling as both décor and storage. While closed storage keeps most items and essentials away, shelves are where you can display and style cherished objects.

Rotate favourite toys, or create a mini-library by displaying books. For a Montessori-style arrangement that encourages independent play, place your shelves within reach of your little ones.

The type of shelving you go for can add to the design of your room too, like this circular shelf.

When in doubt, turn to artwork. Image c/o @winnieechia.

4. Start a gallery wall

Showcase artwork, photographs and family memories on a gallery wall. While simple and classic in concept, there’s a world of options when it comes to gallery walls. Whether you go for uniform frames or an eclectic frame selection, a grid pattern or a more varied layout, how you set up your gallery wall will make it truly your own.

You can also establish your own family traditions when it comes to switching out artwork — let the kids choose what they want to display every 6 months, for instance, or use a milestone date like a birthday to let your child decide how they might want to change up their wall.

5. Add texture with garlands or bunting

Drape garlands or bunting across your walls for a sweet, playful way to add colour and texture. From tassels, pom-poms, and fabric strips to tiny felt animals, there’s bound to be a garland to suit the theme or décor of your little one’s space. These can be easily DIY-ed out of paper or fabric too — even old sheets!

Mobiles and tapestries are another great way to add texture to your walls.

6. DIY a washi tape mural

If you’re feeling crafty, use washi tape to create your own accent wall. Washi tape lends itself to simple, striped or chevron patterns, and can also be used for bold artworks. When you’re ready for a wall refresh, the tape leaves no residue either, so you can simply peel it off and start all over.

Add a personal touch to your kid’s walls by spelling out their names with these removable wall decals by Evercasa! Made to match our Little Joys sheets, they’re available in Willow and Dahlia online, and in person exclusively at our SUNDAY stores at i12 Katong and Raffles City.

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