Living and Working at Home With Kyer Say and Juzantino Junadi

Since international travel has been limited over the past year, Kyer Say and Juzantino Junadi have channelled their shared love for travel through food, home and business. The couple started Tiky Mochi Muffins and Cupcakes in February 2020, selling chewy mochi muffins inspired by Kyer’s travels, and turned to Bali for décor inspiration in their new home.

Being partners in both life and business, and running Tiky Mochi from home, the couple have had to take steps to find balance along the way — including taking a month off to rest in 2020. They share with us the importance of taking breaks, setting boundaries, and practicing communication in a sustainable business and relationship, and how they’ve made their space conducive to both work and play.

Kyer and Tino have been building a home in their space since moving in last December.

Tell us about your journey of getting your house and making it a home.

Having always envisioned living along the East Coast and Marine Parade area, we really lucked out when we scored this unit in our desired location after just three viewings. We got the keys in March 2020, right before the Circuit Breaker, which meant renovation had to be pushed back for almost 6 months. We finally moved in at the end of December 2020, and welcomed 2021 in our first home together.

Every bit of our home is self-designed. We didn't engage an interior designer, and we love what we have created with this space so far. It feels surreal to have a space that is totally ours. We gravitated towards Bali, our favourite travel destination, for inspiration — weaving rattan elements, tropical plants, artworks of nature, and photos of our travels into a home that is a true extension of ourselves. It's been 8 months since we moved in and there are still many parts of the flat that are a work in progress, but we are in no rush for it to be "perfect".

Kyer and Tino's home was inspired by Bali, their favourite travel destination.

Natural elements like wood, rattan and plants evoke the feeling of being in Bali.

It seems like you both love travelling. What do you miss the most about it, and are there any unforgettable meals that you shared on your travels together?

Yes, we do! Street food has our hearts. From the taco trucks in LA to the night markets in Taipei, these experiences bring us so much joy. Our favourite meal has got to be post-surf fuel at the warungs in Bali — a heaping bowl of white rice, grilled chicken thigh doused in sweet sauce, fried tempeh and tofu, jackfruit rendang and sambal balado. It is the dish that feeds both our body and soul.

We miss the new experiences, the people, the food, the connections, and breathing in different cultures that elicit creativity, inspiration and expansion within us. Every new destination is a mystery worth exploring.

Photos of Kyer and Tino's travels add a personal touch to their home.

"I canʼt sit still! Thankfully, Tino is the total opposite — he helps keep me from running myself into the wall."

The two of you are partners in both life and business, and live and work in the same space. How do you manage your partnership?

As a couple, we tend to give in to each other even in situations where our point of view may not be rational, which could be pernicious in the long run. That’s why setting personal boundaries is so important. Laying out clear boundaries lets us understand each other's needs better. Honest communication is key, too. We are always expressing our thoughts and feelings to each other, which is the foundation of a healthy partnership.

Our energies can get intertwined when we spend too much time together, so we recommend allocating personal time apart from each other. It's essential to spend time by yourselves and be in your own sacred energy.

Kyer and Tino working on their business at their kitchen island.

Kyer and Tino create their well-loved mochi muffins and cupcakes from their home kitchen.

Some of Tiky Mochi's bakes, which were inspired by Kyer's travels.

How do you balance work and home life while baking and running a business from home?

Kyer: I often feel the need to be busy all the time, always pursuing the next task on my list. I canʼt sit still! Thankfully, Tino is the total opposite — he helps keep me from running myself into the wall.

Iʼve found it effective to put on 'work clothes'. This really helps me mentally separate work from home! Designing an intentional and purposeful space also helps put me in the right zone. Everything you see, touch, smell, or hear contributes to the sense of space and your sense of space contributes to your creativity.

Kyer and Tino's home décor helps them stay creative in baking and business.

Crystals and earthy tones help create a space where Kyer can separate work from rest.

You closed for a month last year to rest. Why did you make that decision?

We were on the brink of burning out after working 12-16 hour days, 5 days a week for 3 months. We got caught up in the rush of wanting to take every order and fulfil every customer's request, which wasn't sustainable. We stepped back to restructure our business to be in alignment with our overall wellbeing, and made the decision to only take orders that we are comfortable with, which allows for a healthier work-life balance.

We were lucky that our customers were extremely supportive and patient while we took the time to recharge.

Prioritising rest and taking time to realign their goals with their wellbeing allowed Kyer and Tino to work toward a more sustainable business.

Besides the kitchen, where do you spend the most time in your home?

Kyer: The chaise sofa. It's the ultimate 'adult' furniture my younger self always dreamed of having.

Tino: On the bed. That's why I need Sunday Bedding, haha!

Kyer and Tino cosied up in bed. Tino spends most of his time outside of work in bed, so having the right bedding is essential!

Treat yourself to some eye candy with Kyer and Tino's baked creations on Instagram.

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