Sunday Fabrics: What is a Furoshiki Wrap?

Furoshiki is traditionally a Japanses wrapping cloth that is used to transport, clothes, gifts and other goods. Inspired by Furoshiki, you may find your next Sunday Bedding order wrapped using rescued deadstock fabric from our factories.

What's so great about Furoshiki and how can I use it?

While wrapping paper or gift bags or plastic bags only work with a fixed amount of space or specific objects, a Furoshiki is highly versatile and can be adapted for most items! Because of its versatility, the fabric can be used multiple times and reduce our consumption of traditional packaging materials such as plastic or paper. Below are several methods of Furoshiki wrapping.

Image credit: Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan.

That's great... but in what scenarios can I use it?

1. Your next gift wrap: Skip the paper and create a beautifully wrapped packaging using one of the above methods. We're especially big fans of the Furoshiki method of wrapping wine bottles!

2. Dirty laundry in your luggage: No need for any compression packing bags for your next trip. Save some space in your luggage by compressing your unwashed clothes using one of the Furoshiki wrap methods

3. Picnic: Refer to the Tesage Bukuro way of wrapping to create a hand-carry bag for your picnic items or use the fabric as a picnic mat 

4. Shoe bag: Hitting the gym after work? Wrap your sneakers in the fabric and tie it to your bag for a stylish shoe bag alternative.   

5. Table cloth: Protect your furniture with the fabric at your next dinner party

6. Scarves and headbands: Give the fabric a good wash and they're ready to be accessorized as part of your outfit. 

We'd love to hear more creative ways from you on how you use your Furoshiki wrap! Leave a comment below to let us know!