Small Design Changes That Can Make a Big Impact at Home

When it comes to décor, the little things really do count. We can’t always engage in large-scale makeovers, and small, simple design changes have enormous potential to make a space feel fresh, even if we inhabit it daily. Try these small ways to spruce up your space in a big way.

Inspired by the colours of nature, our Bamboo Checkered Sheets are the perfect balance between calm and whimsical.

Go for printed sheets

Easy? Check! Functional? Check! Incorporating print, pattern or texture in your sheets helps draw the eye towards your bed, and creates a sense of order around your sleep space. It serves both fun and function, and requires almost no effort on your part. If you’d rather not revamp your entire bedding situation, just switching up your duvet covers or pillows will make a difference.

Prints don’t necessarily have to be bright or bold either. Soft and gentle prints fit right in with muted or neutral colour palettes, while still adding a layer of visual interest to the bedroom.

Switch up your knobs and handles

Give your furniture an update without having to replace them or carry out an intensive DIY project. Besides being easy to install and replace, knobs and handles are a great opportunity to add a custom touch to your doors, drawers, cupboards or wardrobes.

The same wooden dresser can appear vintage with a set of antique brass handles, elegant with sleek and polished drawer pulls, or eclectic and playful with knobs of whimsical shapes and patterns.

If knobs and handles aren't enough, try customising other hardware like this tortoise door knocker on @hominghumans' front door.

Cushions and throws offer infinite decoration combinations — and infinite cosiness! Image c/o @hometrulee, snuggled up with our Organic Cotton Cloud Throw.

Pay attention to soft furnishings

Create a world of comfort and cosiness with rugs, throws and cushions. Between all the sizes, colours, weaves and textures to choose from, adding or switching out soft furnishings can transform the look and feel of any space.

Use a rug to tie a space together and soften hard surfaces, add a lively pop of colour with bright fabrics, and mix and match throws and cushions across different rooms when it’s time for another quick refresh.

Add an accent to your walls

If you’re looking to make a statement or spark conversation, focusing on adding accents. Create an accent wall by painting one wall — or a portion of a wall — in a contrasting colour, or putting up patterned wallpaper.

This is also a great way to treat any pesky awkward corner or small wall space around your home. Instead of trying to make them blend in, turn them into a point of interest.

Looking more wall décor ideas for a kid’s space? We’ve got you covered.

In her guest room, designer Anita Mackenzie gets creative with wall accents by playing with shapes, colours, and even artwork.

Use softer or warmer light bulbs to make a space feel more welcoming, or opt for a dimmer switch for more flexibility in your lighting. Image c/o @baydoucet.

Light it up

Between night and day, noon and sunset, the changes in natural light can make a space feel worlds apart at different hours of the day. Artificial lighting is no different.

Experiment with moving lamps around, introducing a new lighting source, or changing your lampshades. You’ll find that the way you use your space evolves with your lighting. Placing a lamp beside one end of your sofa can turn that spot into a reading corner, for example.


Use what you already have

Updating your décor doesn’t have to involve purchasing or acquiring more things. Something as simple as swapping a bedside table, rug or artwork from one room to another can be a surprisingly refreshing change from what you’ve gotten used to seeing every day!

You can also explore a new layout by changing the position of the furniture in a room, or rearrange colours and textures by moving a few décor pieces around different rooms.

Rearrange pieces like rugs, mirrors or plants for a quick yet impactful refresh. Image c/o @stylesteffi.

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