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Say hello to thoughtfully made linens that are as easy to care for as they are to roll around in. As one of the very few brands in the world with 100% ownership of our factories, we know that great quality is paramount to better sleep, but it’s also not the complete answer.

So what's the secret? Simple. It's all about you. 

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"With bedlinen from Sunday Bedding, getting out of bed will be even tougher"

The Business Times

"Love it!... But seriously Max the Pom loved the sheets he didn't want to get off and fell asleep in them"

@yinglao on behalf of @maximuspompom

The duo (at Sunday Bedding) believes that the foundation of a good night’s sleep is good quality bedding, and we couldn’t agree more.

Singapore Women's Weekly

"We finally got our bedding cleaned for Christmas and we are not disappointed.... We are new parents and look forward to sleep. Your bedding made it all the more special"


Can't Decide?

We all sleep differently, so we believe you rest best when you can make the bed that's right for you. Take our quiz to find out which bedding material best suits your sleep preferences and lifestyle

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#PillowTalk with Janice Lee Fang

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