Wind Down Your Way

Dim the lights and get in bed. Watch TV, read a book. Talk. Cuddle. We’re all a little bit different. Maybe the air-con’s at full blast, or maybe the windows are wide open. Are you stretched out solo or spooning all night long? Do you have a cat at your head or a kid sneaking in in the middle of the night?

However you sleep, one thing’s for sure: it’s a mad world out there. So lie in. Close those eyes. Dream a little longer. Make your paradise.

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 The Business Times review of Sunday Bedding
sleeping on comfortable white bamboo bed linen

Let's discover your style

We all sleep differently, so we believe you rest best when you can make the bed that's right for you. Take our quiz to find out which bedding material best suits you.

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Get cosy with our new color in Bamboo Sateen

Just washed ashore, a colour that captures our majestic oceans. The sound of lapping waters, windswept hair, sand underfoot. A tale of man, time, and nature.

Introducing Seaglass Blue, our newest colour in Bamboo Sateen. 

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sustainable textiles and bedding

Create a sustainable textiles economy together

We started Sunday Bedding knowing that we wanted to do things a little differently and offer more than just the best price to you.

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Let's hang out

Join the #sundaysleepclub community and get inspired.