Did you know? Drizzing Rain, our first ever print that we launched, has been a part of our Bamboo Sateen range since Day 1.

Looking for a fun and easy way to refresh your bedscape? Break up the monotony and dress your bed in prints! Styling with prints is a great way to incorporate accents of colour without running the risk of being tacky.

Our approach to designing printed sheets has always been about versatility. Nothing too loud, with patterns that pair well with both solids and prints. Scroll down for tips on how to cosy up with our prints and learn more about how they came about!

Desert Rose and Provenance in Bamboo Sateen

Lines in Bamboo Sateen (Image: @bellazahirzain)
Provenance in Bamboo Sateen (Image: @thatislelife)

How to style prints in the bedroom

Tip 1: Opt for bedding separates
You don't need to go full out with prints just to refresh your bedscape. A simple change in pillowcases, bolster cases, or duvet cover can switch up the look.

Tip 2: Use the colour palette of the printed design as a starting point
Not sure how to match colours with your print? Repeat a colour right from the pattern, contrast with complementary colours, or pare down with neutrals!

Tip 3: Mix and match textures
Extra bits of texture from plants and natural elements help to heighten the cosy nature of the bedroom.

Styled by you

Prints can be subtle too! We love how this gentle print adds depth and texture in this cosy, grey bedroom. (Image: @tjinlee)
Guide the eyes with the fluid lines of the reversible Lines duvet cover to create a focal point. (Image: @winnieechia)
Nothing like a dose of orange and wood tones to add warmth in the bedroom! (Image: @baydoucet)
Energise and add personality to a space with bold, colourful prints. (Image: @thepastelabode)
You don't need a green thumb to bring elements of nature in the bedroom. (Image: @haosofgrace)
Watercolour prints are subtle but great for adding visual texture. (Image: @deeecupps)

Behind the Collection: Joyful Waking Moments with Ying the Label

Love Ying's delicate watercolour artwork? Inspired by dreams of mountain fields, golden sunrays, and happier mornings, our Fields of Gold collaboration with Ying the Label was years in the making.

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We know how much you love creating #SundayYourWay looks with your sheets. Enjoy reversible magic with these duvet covers that are printed on one side, neutral on the other.

Lines in Bamboo Sateen

Movement in Bamboo Sateen

Provenance in Bamboo Sateen

Or opt for subtlety with these watercolour prints.

Drizzling Rain in Bamboo Sateen

Fields of Gold in Bamboo Sateen