How to Style Small Bathrooms

A relaxing bathroom can do wonders for our mood. After all, they’re where we prepare ourselves for the day ahead, and where we wash off the day’s stresses when we’re ready to wind down. However, small bathrooms, a reality of most Singapore homes, often toe a thin line between cramped and cosy. 

Fret not, there’s no need to sacrifice personal style when decorating a small bathroom to feel more spacious. All it takes is some strategic styling choices and knowing what to accentuate or keep concealed. Read on for our tips on setting the scene for soothing home spa sessions in your small bathroom. 

1. Keep colours light

It’s no secret that lighter and brighter colours can help make a room feel more open and spacious. It’s possible to style small bathrooms with darker colours — some designers opt for an ultra-dark, monochrome palette to create more depth — but sticking to lighter colours is a foolproof and less complex way to a bathroom that appears bigger. Enhance the effect of lighter shades by using high-gloss paint or tiles to reflect more light.

Don't be afraid of prints in a small bathroom — just go for lighter colours, like @hominghumans did.

2. Mirror up

In smaller bathrooms, light can make all the difference, especially if you have few or no windows. Make the most of whatever light is available — go for larger mirrors to reflect light across the room. You can also consider adding a mirrored wall to enhance the illusion of depth in your space.

A larger mirror and well-placed lighting can do wonders for a bathroom with minimal to no natural light. Featuring the Sunday Towel in Midnight Grey. Image c/o @hometeugether.

3. Go from floor to ceiling

There’s no need to forgo bolder or more intricate features like artwork and patterns. A simple way to let these elements shine while adding to the appearance of space is to let them span the full height of your walls.  

Raise your shower curtain so that it drapes from ceiling height, and let coloured or patterned tiles flow continuously from floor to ceiling.

4. Elevate furniture and storage

Keeping floor space free goes a long way in opening up a space. While you can’t always elevate every component of the bathroom, plenty of furniture and storage options can be kept above the ground. Think floating sinks, shelves and cabinets, and hooks and hanging baskets.

A low shelving unit or bench is a versatile way to store and display items while keeping your floor free. Featuring the Sunday Towels in Arctic Silver.

Make the most of your vertical space with rails and hooks, like Amalia and Badrul did in their pink-tiled bathroom. Featuring the Sunday Towel in Midnight Grey.

5. Create space for things that matter

In a small bathroom, rows of products and accessories can crowd your space. You might be inclined to declutter and embrace a more minimalist approach to personal care, but if that’s not an option, there are still ways to keep your bathroom calm and clutter-free.  

Go for closed storage options like drawers and medicine cabinets, and use baskets to gather small items instead of leaving them across your counter. Save open surfaces for items that truly add to a relaxing or cosy bathroom environment. These could be candles, a beautiful bottle of perfume or hand wash, plush towels, or flowers — that’s up to you and your personal style.

Take a leaf out of @luxmondi's book and keep things simple by only displaying objects that add to your sense of peace. Featuring the Sunday Towels in Midnight Grey, Soft Greige, and Sunny White. Images c/o @luxmondi.

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