The best styled nurseries and kids room are the ones that grow with them. We pulled together some of our favourite styling ideas from our #SundaySleepClub friends to keep the bedroom of your little one safe and cocooning. Starting out a family or transitioning your nursery to a big kids room? Bookmark these tips.

Bamboo Crib Sheet in Warm Sand (Image: @winnieechia)

3 Simple and Practical Nursery Styling Must-Haves  

1. Poufs 
They're soft and double up as great footrests during feeding.

2. Wall hooks 
Short on space? Wall hooks make use of vertical space to keep the bedroom clutter-free and come in different designs to complement your nursery style.

3. Woven storage baskets
These store everything from toys and books to blankets and swaddles. Tip: Opt for one with handles for easy portability.

Styled by you

A pop of green keeps the bedroom refreshed and calming. (Image: @phiemong)
Side table idea: stack storage crates for handy table to hold bedtime reads or even a night light. (Image: @winnieechia)
Pushing together beds is a great way to conserve space in a shared bedroom, and adds extra room for playful roll arounds. When kids grow older, the beds can then be pushed apart for privacy! (Pictured in @winnieechia's home)
Fabric wall art is a great addition for the kids room. They're safe, easy to move around, and another way to add texture in the bedroom. (Image: @taylorbrummer)
Add warmth and comfort to bedroom by layering different textures and bedding layers. (Image: @rebeccakearns)

Hello #SundaySleepClub juniors!

Paul cheeky at play with Bamboo Sateen in Cloudy Grey (Image: @paulgohrj)

Eli Judah rocking a neutral palette with the Bamboo Duvet Cover in Lines (Image: @elijcheng)

Baby Rey nestled in Bamboo Sateen in Seaglass Blue (Image: @oliberryyy)

Kirby Anne sharing a chuckle in Cotton Sateen in Sunny White (Image: @kirbyanneteo)

Ranveer, Giselle, and Penelope sharing their thoughts on naptime in French Linen in Blush Pink and Olive Green (Image: @denisekaur)

Niko staying cool and comfy with Bamboo Sateen in Drizzling Rain (Image: @mscelinetan)

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Feeling lost on your nursery styling journey? Here are some tips and shopping resources to help you create a cosy, functional nursery.

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