Three words to describe Sunday Loungewear: soft, breathable, and comfortable. Designed as versatile pieces that can be worn both in and out of the bedroom, they're lightweight and airy enough to venture out in even on the hottest summer days. That means there's all sorts of ways to style each piece, from quick and casual grocery run outfits to smarter, dressed up styles for a brunch date or work-from-home meeting. Don't know where to start? We've got you covered. Scroll on to get some inspiration for your next Sunday Loungewear looks.

Styled by you

Wear your tops with your favourite pair of jeans and you're all set to head out and about. (Image: @baydoucet)
Layer the Hang Loose Button Top over an inner top or dress to pull your look together. (Image: @andreakee)
All you need to hit the beach in style: a wide-brimmed hat, a trusty pair of shades, and a bright and breezy French linen duo tossed over your bikini top. (Image: @fengxiank)
Throw the Easy Shirt over an inner layer for an easy but stylish snack or coffee run. (Styled and worn by @hahahafi and @m4dy)

👖 : French Linen Off-Duty Shorts in Sienna Yellow and Chambray Off-Duty Shorts in Ash Grey

Tip: Mix and match tops and bottoms for your very own Sunday fit.

Each Sunday Loungewear piece was designed as a versatile separate that can easily pair with any other piece in the collection. Don't be afraid to explore different combinations of colours, materials and cuts!

Try matching similar colours in different materials for a fit that looks both cohesive and interesting. For example, Desert Rose in Bamboo Sateen goes well with Blush Pink in French Linen, while Seaglass Blue in Bamboo Sateen complements Seafoam Green in French Linen.

Tip: Build more structured looks with the Easy Shirt and Off-Day Pants

Sometimes, we want to be both comfy and dressy, even if we're just lounging or working from home. To achieve that feel and fit, try the Easy Shirt and Off-Day Pants.

Designed to fit all genders, they smarten up any look while still feeling relaxed and breathable. For example, the Easy Shirt acts as a great outer layer when worn with the Off-Duty Shorts, and fits right in with chino shorts too.


@janicelow0628 and @garyberry_ wear the French Linen Easy Shirt in Chestnut Brown. Janice also wears the Chambray Off-Dury Shorts in Ash Grey.

@janicelow0628 and @garyberry_ wear the Chambray Easy Shirt and Chambray Off-Day Pants in Ash Grey.

How to wear the French Linen Easy Tank Top

There's no one way to wear this comfortable top. It can go from casual to dressy — here are some of our favourite ways to style it.

1. Use as an inner layer. Prefer not to show your upper arms or shoulders? Wear it under a loose outer shirt like the Hang Loose Button Top to cover up while staying breezy.

2. Pair with a romper or dress. Spice up an existing full-length item in your closet, like a romper, jumpsuit or dress by wearing it with a different top. To secure the top at the waist, tie a knot at the hem or tuck into a thin belt.

3. Layer over a mesh or sheer shirt. Dress up your top with a collared shirt by wearing it over a mesh or sheer top, and pairing it with some structured bottoms.

4. Wear back to front. Change things up by wearing the Easy Tank Top so that the crossback design faces front, as shown in the image.



For the cosiest morning coffees and afternoon teas — fluffy friend optional! (Image: @thianyenyee)
Perfect for twinning loungewear fits — even better if you have mugs to match! (Pictured: @milzkale and @mayzkale)
👕 : Bamboo Sateen Hang Loose Button Top in Desert Rose and Seaglass Blue
👖 : Bamboo Sateen Everyday Pants in Desert Rose and Seaglass Blue
Go from just-woken-up to whipping up breakfast, or from casual workdays to midday snack. Just don't forget to throw on an apron to keep stains away. (Pictured: @sarahhuangbenjamin)
Lounge in whatever position's most comfortable with relaxed and easy-to-wear cuts. (Image: @von115)

French Linen Easy Tank Top and French Linen Off-Duty Shorts in Seafoam Green (Image: @baydoucet)

Sunday Fabrics: Loungewear Care

Sunday Loungewear doesn’t need to stay in the bedroom — it’s designed to accompany your grocery trip, coffee run, house parties, work-from-home meetings, or anywhere else you want to be comfy and style-forward! Here are some tips to keep your loungewear looking smart.

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