Sunday Fabrics: Loungewear Care

Sunday Loungewear doesn’t need to stay in the bedroom — it’s designed to accompany your grocery trip, coffee run, house parties, work-from-home meetings, or anywhere else you want to be comfy and style-forward! This means you might want to keep your loungewear looking smart, and pay attention to things like creasing or pilling.

Before your loungewear arrives at your doorstep, we make sure it lasts as long as possible by using quality fabrics that meet strict testing requirements. Sunday bamboo loungewear is made from the same bamboo sateen fabric that you know and love, while our linen loungewear is 100% French linen sourced from Japan. This means it meets rigorous Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), and has lasting colour thanks to the Japanese dyeing process.

Now that your loungewear is in your care, here are some tips to help keep them in top shape for longer.

The basics of caring for natural fabrics

  • Wash on a cool cycle using mild detergent, and with similar colours.
  • Line dry or tumble dry on low.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners, harsh detergents, and products containing benzoyl peroxide, chlorine bleach or alpha hydroxy acids.

Made with the softest fabrics for lounging about...
Image c/o Cai Jin.

... in whatever position feels cosiest.
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Be gentle with your wash

To protect your loungewear in the wash, wash your items in a mesh bag alongside other delicate fabrics. Avoid washing your garments with other items that have zippers or hooks, as they can cause abrasion. We like the GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag, which also helps catch microfibres before they have a chance to enter our river and ocean systems.

If you’re handwashing, gently swish your garment around the container or bucket. Do not wring, twist or scrub as this can stretch and abrade the fabric.

Stay smooth

Prevent creases by leaving plenty of space in the machine, and air drying your garments immediately after the wash. Gentle creases in bamboo clothing also tend to fade after a while of wearing the item due to body heat, so fret not and keep your iron away!

To minimise pilling over time, wash your garments inside out.

Rest easy and let the creases your bamboo pieces relax on their own. Image c/o Yen Yee.

Heading out? Get an effortless yet style-forward look by matching your tops with a pair of jeans. Image c/o Bay.

Let your loungewear breathe

Always keep natural fabrics like linen and bamboo in cool, dry, well-ventilated areas and away from direct sunlight. To store your loungewear in bags, opt for breathable bags made of natural fabrics. Don’t have any on hand? Your old Sunday pillowcases should do the trick!

Pre-treat stains before washing

Address stains as soon as you spot them. If you’re unsure of the type of stain you have, always rinse with cold water first, as heat can cause certain stains like blood or sweat to set.

The night before laundry day, soak stains overnight with a stain remover. This helps stains wash away more easily, and also prevents dried stains from tugging on or rubbing the fibres of your garment.

Keep your loungewear storage shaded to help the natural fabrics stay in top shape for longer. Image c/o Monica.

Prone to the occasional coffee stain on sleepy mornings? We won't tell if you don't! Image c/o Andrea.

Liquid over powder

Unlike powdered detergents, liquid mixes well in cool water settings, doesn’t clump, and leaves no residue. We stock our favourite liquid detergent, Fer A Cheval Natural Laundry Liquid, a concentrated laundry liquid made from the Marseille olive oil formula that is biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

We launched our Sunday Loungewear collection to help you stay comfortable all day and move effortlessly from sunrise to sunset. Our loungewear pieces are made of end-of-roll bamboo sateen and 100% French Linen fabric sourced from Japan. Every piece is ethically cut and sewn by a third-generation, family-owned business in Hong Kong that is also SEDEX-certified.

Have a question about our loungwear or fabrics? We're just an email or Instagram DM away!