Slate Blue in Bamboo Sateen and Misty Blue and Sunny White in French Linen in @tikymochi's bedroom.

Reminiscent of clear, open skies and expansive oceans, the colour blue feels restful and freeing no matter how you use it. From styles inspired by balmy beach retreats to cool and crisp winter mornings, coming home to blue in the bedroom always feels like a soothing embrace.

Seaglass Blue and Sunny White in Bamboo Sateen
Slate Blue and Cloudy Grey in Bamboo Sateen
Nautical Blue, Misty Blue and Sunny White in French Linen

Create a peaceful atmosphere using blue and neutrals

Blue is most commonly associated with feelings of peacefulness and tranquility. Bring these calming sensations into your personal sanctuary by pairing blue with neutrals in a few different ways.

1. Use blue as an accent colour. If you lean towards a room dominated by neutrals like white or beige, lighter blues are a gentle way to introduce a little colour.

2. Complement darker blues with dusky neutrals. For softer and calmer contrast, go for slightly deeper shades like grey when pairing with dark blues.

3. Layer different shades of blue with neutrals for a put-together look. The tonal variation keeps things interesting, while the monochromatic effect appears both thoughtful and soothing.

Styled by you

Mix greener-toned blues with off-whites and sandy shades for a relaxing, seaside-inspired design. (Image: @makeroomsingapore)
Match your sheets to statement pieces in your room, like a rug or artwork. (Image: @livingdna)
Opt for the rumpled and lived-in look of French Linen to blend seamlessly with natural textures like rattan. (Image: @hellotinamay)
Use similar blue tones in your décor to tie your space together. (Image: @cteteris)
Slate Blue, Taro Milk and Sunny White in Bamboo Sateen in @hominghumans' bedroom.

Tip: Use deeper blues to ground a colourful palette.

Blues like Slate Blue or Nautical Blue can be great complements in a room full of colour. The blue contributes some colour to the room, while their rich tones and calming nature help to balance brighter shades.

In @hominghumans' room, the deep blues in the Slate Blue sheets in Bamboo Sateen, the decorative pillow, and their artwork play off beautifully with more vibrant colours like the orange curtains and mirror, and the Taro Milk pillowcases in Bamboo Sateen.

Try these 3 blue colour pairings:

Blue + Green
Slate Blue, Seaglass Blue and Pistachio in Bamboo Sateen

Blue + Grey
Seaglass Blue and Cloudy Grey in Bamboo Sateen

Blue + Pink
Nautical Blue and Blush Pink in French Linen

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Seaglass Blue in Bamboo Sateen

Slate Blue in Bamboo Sateen

Misty Blue in French Linen

Nautical Blue in French Linen