Warm Sand and Vanilla Mist in Bamboo Sateen

Ah, neutrals — a masterful palette of these subtle shades can achieve clean, tranquil, and toasty spaces. Decorating with neutrals is an easy go-to. These easy-to-pair hues are calming, gentle on the eyes, and feel right at home with any interior style thanks to their versatility.

Blush Pink in French Linen (Image: @stylesteffi)

Misty Blue in French Linen (Image: @livingdna)

Sage Green in French Linen (Image: @februarynest)
Summer Peach in Bamboo Sateen

Did you know?

Neutral colours aren't limited to just whites, greys, beiges, browns, or blacks. They are simply muted shades that appear to have a lack of colour.

The underlying hues of neutrals can affect the mood of a space. Warm undertones add cosiness and energy to the bedroom, while cool undertones keep the bedroom fresh and soothing.

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Neutrals can be moody too. Here, the warm undertones of Warm Sand pairs well with dark walnut accents to create a cosy hideaway. (Image: @hannahaos)
Light greys provide a soothing backdrop for these pops of colour to shine. (Image: @ediblegarden)
Add dramatic flair to white room with the use of black and wood-toned accents. (Image: @cozy.happy.home)
Repetition of colour hues add visual interest. The warm undertones from the soft pinks and wood elements add a touch of cosiness.

🛏 : Cloudy Grey in French Linen, Warm Sand and Desert Rose in Bamboo Sateen

Sunny White in French Linen (Image: @rebecca_kearns)

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Sunny White in Bamboo Sateen

Cloudy Grey in Bamboo Sateen

Vanilla Mist in Bamboo Sateen

Warm Sand in Bamboo Sateen

Sunny White in French Linen

Cloudy Grey in French Linen

Lines in Bamboo Sateen

Blush Pink in French Linen

Misty Blue in French Linen