Colourful and Eclectic

Taro Milk and Sunny White in Bamboo Sateen and Olive Green in French Linen in @hominghumans' bedroom.

Having a colourful and eclectic bedroom style is all about letting your personality shine through a mishmash of styles and design elements. While there are no hard-and-fast rules to this interior style, the best eclectic styles are thoughtful and balanced — think organised chaos over pure mess.

Create playful lighting effects using disco balls and stained glass windows. (Image: @annaalexia)
If you're a fan of art pieces, they'll be right at home in an eclectic bedroom. (Image: @houseofchais)

Dusty Plum in French Linen (Image: @makeroomsingapore)

Nailing the eclectic vibe rests on a harmonious balance of few key elements.

An eclectic room starts with bright and bold colours, of course. Once you have your colour palette, play with other elements to find the right balance for you.

1. Repeat your colours. Create a sense of consistency by using each dominant colour at least 3 times in the same space.

2. Textures, textures! Mix and layer different materials for a sense of playfulness.

3. Add a few statement pieces. These could be furniture, artwork, ornaments and even bedding — like the Movement or Fields of Gold prints.

4. Complement with neutral colours. Give your bold colours and statement pieces space to shine by setting them against subtler shades.

Scroll down to see how our #SundaySleepClub friends get creative and put these elements together for their own unique look.

Styled by you

Let your personality shine through with a colourful wall mural. (Image: @thepastelabode)
Layer different variations of the same hue and complement with neutral shades. (Image: @makeroomsingapore)
Don't be afraid to experiment with different textures, patterns and ruffles! (Image: @makeroomsingapore)
Repeat a few dominant colours for a vibrant yet consistent theme. (Image: @baydoucet)

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Taro Milk in Bamboo Sateen

Blush Pink in French Linen

Olive Green in French Linen

Dusty Plum in French Linen

Movement in Bamboo Sateen

Fields of Gold in Burnt
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