Minimal and Timeless

Sunny White in French Linen (Image: @cozy.happy.home)

One of the best feelings in the world is coming home to a clean and tranquil space that relaxes your mind and body while replenishing your spirit. Our approach to creating a minimal bedroom is governed by this sense of homeliness.

A calm and cosy bedroom starts with keeping your space clean and clutter-free.

Introduce a sense of peace and relaxation in your bedroom by keeping colours and patterns clean and neutral, and minimising furnishings.

1. Embrace a neutral colour palette. Use lighter neutrals such as white, cream, sand and grey as your base colour for a more calming effect. For prints, try for simple designs in neutral colours, like Lines or Drizzling Rain.

2. Layer organic textures for depth. Keep your furnishings understated by using natural textures, including wood, wicker and linen.

Bookmark these tips and looks from our #SundaySleepClub friends to create your very own bedroom sanctuary.

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Don't shy away from prints — they can be used minimally too. (Image: @michellemanic)
Layer shapes and textures for a cosy look. (Image: @rebecca_kearns)
Use lighter neutrals as a base and darker neutrals as accent colours. (Image: @meredith_deanne)
Keep your space clean and free of unnecessary clutter or furnishings. (Image: @luxmondi)
Complement minimal sheets with natural textures like wood and rattan. (Image: @lily.khin)
Create a tonal colour palette using different neutral shades. (Image: @syaifulnazreen)

Sunny White in French Linen (Image: @rebecca_kearns)

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Sunny White in French Linen

Cloudy Grey in French Linen