Rolling meadows, lush forests, blooming nurseries, endless fields; the colour green has a way of evoking the tranquility of nature and bringing the outdoors in. Refreshingly versatile, green can be easily paired with any colours, and can be used as a neutral or dramatic accent, depending on the shade or hue.

Pistachio and Seaglass Blue in Bamboo Sateen (Image: @lydias_layton_life)

Did you know green is great for bedrooms?

Optically, green is the most relaxing colour due to its spectral wavelength — it falls in the middle of the light spectrum, which requires the least amount of strain to see. This soothes our nervous system when perceiving the colour.

Scroll down for some inspiration on how you can use our range of solid and printed greens to enliven the bedroom.

Tip: Layer tonally for a soothing and still interesting monochromatic look

Bored of single-coloured sheet sets but not a fan of prints?

Experiment with tonal bed styling and nail the look by picking shades with the same undertone. For example, pairing our Sage Green and Olive Green French Linen sheets work hand-in-hand because they both have a subtle yellow undertone.

Styled by you

Play with different textures to complement tonal styling and add visual interest.
(Image: @makeroomsingapore)
Deep-toned greens add warmth and create a cocooning effect in the bedroom. (Image: @koalastays)

Pairing prints with dark-coloured bedding to lighten and refresh the bedroom.
🛏 : French Linen Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Pair in Olive Green 

Balance and refresh sleek, moody interior with a light touch of colour. (Image: @februarynest)

Pistachio, Sunny White, and Seaglass Blue in Bamboo Sateen

Sage Green, Olive Green, and Dusty Plum in French Linen (Image: @baydoucet)

How to style with gentle greens

Tip 1: Use as a neutral in deeper palettes 
Double up your Sage Green in French Linen or Pistachio in Bamboo Sateen sheets as a neutral accent or base.

Tip 2: Or as an accent colour when paired with neutrals
Let soft, natural green tones take centerstage for a fresh and airy feel.  

Tip 3: Pair with natural wood tones for a modern take on a nature-inspired bedroom
Organic elements like wood add warmth, providing a cosy, lived-in vibe.  

Try these 3 green colour pairings:

Green + Pink
Provenance and Desert Rose in Bamboo Sateen 

Green + Blue
Fields of Gold and Slate Blue in Bamboo Sateen

Green + Purple
Olive Green in French Linen and Taro Milk in Bamboo Sateen

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Sage Green in French Linen

Pistachio in Bamboo Sateen

Fields of Gold in Pistachio

Provenance in Bamboo Sateen

Olive Green in French Linen