We believe in transparency in our supply chain and work only with fully certified factories in Guangzhou, China and Denizli, Turkey.


From sourcing, cutting, dyeing and post-processing, textiles production encompasses more than just sourcing for alternative materials.

For instance, the concern with textile production is typically around chemical usage. The rayon in ‘bamboo rayon’ sheets are first generation cellulose fibres, which require chemicals to process and convert into the bedsheets as an end product. However, not all rayon are created equally and there are several different ways to manufacture rayon - all of them vary in the way chemicals are used during the process.



Our bedding factory in Heshan, China have strategic partnerships with over 100 suppliers, but the top 5 suppliers cover a major part of needs. In particular, our supplier of bamboo rayon has developed technology to recover the chemicals used in the manufacturing process and is China's largest cellulose fiber production and R&D base. Additionally, strict effluent treatment protocols in our factories have been put in place and all the water released from our processes are completely potable.

Finally, our factory in China has reduced oil, coal and carbon emissions footprint by 7-8% every year, and a 10-14% annual reduction in electricity and water consumption since 2017.



Our suppliers are STANDARD 100 OEKO TEX certified, which means that no harmful chemicals have been used throughout the production process of all our bedding products.

In 2019 our factory was awarded with the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®, the most demanding certification with respect to health and safety, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This certification offers the consumer the guarantee that any article bearing the mark contains no harmful substances and has been manufactured respecting the environment and workers’ human rights.

Our bath towels are manufactured in Turkey by a partner that is not only OEKO TEX certified, but also part of the Fairtrade Foundation and Sustainable Apparel Coalition. The team also has 11-15 staff dedicated to R&D to improve the quality of their towels.

Beyond our manufacturing process, we are putting in place initiatives to reduce our packaging waste. Read more about our packaging initatives below.