The Art of Rest based on your Enneagram Type

We all know rest is personal, but some theories suggest we have a type of rest that best suits us based on our personality type. According to Enneagram Coach, Steph Hall, different personality types respond better to different rest rituals due to their core motivations.

In talking to our community, some have cited how finding out their Enneagram type has given them better insight into what truly recharges them. Curious?

First, find out what your Enneagram type is here, then see below for your recommended modes of rest. Hopefully this gets you one step closer to discovering what works best for you so you can master the art of rest.

1) Ones aka The Reformer

Known as ‘The Reformer’, Type 1s feel responsible for everything, so the best way to unwind is to take time away. If you can’t seem to pry yourself away from work or disconnect from thinking about work after office hours, use your vacation days and enjoy a change of scenery.

2) Twos aka The Giver

Do you find yourself extending a helping hand anytime anyone asks for it? Maybe you’re guilty of offering help even when it’s not required. If this sounds familiar, you may find yourself stretched thin far too often for your own good. Here’s a rest tup: it’s okay to say no every now and then. Don’t be afraid to draw the line and take some time for yourself.

3) Threes aka The Achiever

Type 3s love being kept busy all the time, but being in constant work mode can result in mental fatigue. As satisfying as it is to cross off items on your never-ending to-do list, take a breather by blocking out time to complete “unproductive” tasks like crafting, exercising, or even watching TV.

4) Fours aka The Individualist

Are you the type of person who will go to any lengths to find your purpose in life? Type 4s often wear themselves out striving for idealism. To combat fatigue, idealists can spend some time immersing themselves in nature by going on a hike, or refreshing their minds through activities that encourage creativity, such as through creating art pieces.

5) Fives aka The Investigator

If you’re naturally inquisitive and always hankering to learn, you may find it difficult to take a step back. With so much to absorb, rest is probably not on the table for you. Set aside time to learn about your own interests so you can recharge and better focus your energy on the next new thing you want to learn about.

6) Sixes aka The Skeptic

Type 6s are always prepared for the worst. Not only do you worry about yourself, but you also extend that same courtesy to your loved ones. To quell your overactive mind, consider going on vacation. Travelling will allow you to appreciate the little things around you and reset the body.

7) Sevens aka ‘The Enthusiast’

Wide-eyed and ready to take the world by its reins, 7s are bursting with energy. You are always in search of new and exciting experiences, which means you are probably constantly moving from one activity to another. Decompress through reflective activities like journalling, which can help you to stay grounded and present.

8) Eights aka ‘The Challenger’

If you’re an 8, you’re always up for a good challenge. You thrive in situations that challenge you, and you aspire to leave your mark in the world. Unwind by letting your guard down — call a friend and have a heart-to-heart convo.

9) Nines aka ‘The Peacemaker’

Often dubbed ‘The Peacemaker’, you often take it upon yourself to maintain a general sense of peace and harmony. Consequently, you often prioritise other’s needs over yours, so when it comes to rest: put yourself first by staying home alone.

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