How to Keep Your Duvet in Place

Struggling with a shifty duvet? We hate dealing with a duvet insert bunching up inside the covers in the middle of the night too. While you can always give your duvet a regular shake to prevent clumping, there are some other tips and tricks you can turn to instead of fussing over your duvet corners every night. Here’s what we do to prevent our duvets from shifting within our covers.

1. Use duvet ties

You may have come across duvet inserts come with small strips of fabric sewn onto the corners of the insert. Likewise, you may have noticed ribbon-like ties at the inner corners of your duvet cover. These are duvet loops and duvet ties, intended to help you attach your duvet insert to your cover. To use, thread the ties through the loops, fastening with a knot of your preference.

Inserts and covers with this feature usually have 4 ties, one at each corner. Our Sunday Duvet Covers come with 8 twill ties, one at each corner and along each side, with 8 corresponding loops on our Sunday Duvet Insert, to prevent your duvet insert from sagging or bunching in the middle.

The Sunday Duvet Insert and bamboo sateen duvet cover in Cloudy Grey, fastened together using duvet ties and loops.

2. DIY with ribbons

If your inserts or cover don’t come with loops or ties, there’s always a DIY alternative: sewing your own loops and ties. You can use ribbons, twill tape, or strips of fabric from old sheets, clothing or accessories. While you can use any material you have on hand, we recommend softer, thinner pieces of fabric to avoid your ties being too bulky or noticeable.

Sew both ends of short ribbons to the corners of your duvet insert, and at the middle of each edge. Turn your duvet cover inside-out and sew longer ribbons to the same places, attaching them at the centre of each strip. Make sure to use ribbons that are long enough for you to tie a knot with.

3. Use clips or clasps

If all else fails, use clasps to fasten your inserts and covers to each other! They’re secure, discreet, and gentle on your bedding. Try these padded duvet clips, or these fabric button pins.

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