Ring in the Lunar New Year with These Lucky Colours

Getting a head start on the yearly Lunar New Year home spruce up?

Make this year your most prosperous one yet by invigorating your living space with lucky colours based on your zodiac sign. We took a peek at Way Fengshui Group’s 2022 Prosper Guide to inspire our personalised lucky colour picks — the Sunday way!

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At a glance

Zodiac signs Lucky colours


Blue and black


Red, orange, white, and gold


Green, blue, and black


Yellow, brown, blue, and black


Green, white, and gold


Yellow, brown, white, and gold


Red, orange, yellow, and brown


Green, blue, and black


Red, orange, white, and gold


Red and orange


Green, white, and gold


Green, yellow, and brown


Known for its calming and restorative qualities, blue is a popular colour to imbue tranquility in the bedroom.

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Spoiled for choice? Play with tonal variations to create a cohesive, layered look. You can even mix and match our silky bamboo sateen with French linen for added textural contrast.


Here’s a tip on how to making a vivid colour like orange more palatable: exercise restraint! A little goes a long way. Try using the Fields of Gold pillowcase pair in Burnt Orange as an accent colour to add contrast and bring cheer to the bedroom.

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Be it soft hues or bold shades, the endlessly versatile green will add calm restfulness to your space.

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Opt for light greens to brighten and freshen up your bedroom, and darker shades if you’re looking to add rich warmth.


It’s no surprise why Sunny White has been our most popular colour ever since day 1: this staple neutral goes well with everything! Don’t be afraid to layer whites with creamier, off-white shades — this adds dimension and creates a warmer, cosier room.

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Tip: you can even double up our sheets as a tablecloth the way our #SundaySleepClub friend, Barbara Fritschy of Make Room, does!

Our Sunny White in French Linen sheets working hard outside of the bedroom. Image c/o @makeroomsingapore