Sunday Duvet Insert

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Stuffing Material: Lighter and thinner than the traditional down or polyester stuffing, TENCEL™ fiber was selected specifically for its moisture absorbing capabilities and its cooling effect. The fill power of 150 gsm ensures that the duvet remains lightweight for the warm weather

External Material: The cover of the comforter/blanket is constructed using the fabric of Sunday Bedding’s best-selling bamboo sateen bedsheets, ensuring a soft and cool feel to the comforter.

Why TENCEL?: TENCEL was selected as an alternative to polyester or down feather filling as it is produced in a close-loop production process from sustainably sourced natural wood. This means that 99% of chemical solvents used in production process are recovered and recycled back into the system, minimizing waste and emissions. The TENCEL filling also enables the blanket/comforter to achieve an optimum level of softness, without retaining excessive heat.

Wash Care: Unlike bedsheets, comforters do not need to be washed as frequently as they do not come into direct contact with your sweat, body oils or scents. Because of this, it is acceptable to wash your duvet between 1-3 times a year. We recommend a gentle, cold wash and tumble drying on a low heat setting when you wash our comforters. 

Size Guide: Duvet Inserts are the same size as our Duvet Covers. Please check sizing in our FAQ page

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