Tips for Creating a Cosy Bedroom by Vivienne Shen

Our bedroom is generally the first and the last place we find ourselves in each day. What’s the best way to decorate our space and make it truly our own?

A little about myself — my name is Vivienne Shen. I am a full-time energy trader and a part-time interior decorator. Vintage is one of my favourite styles, with my favorite era being the mid-20th century. Like many Singaporeans, I love travelling and that has inspired my styling. My home was recently featured in Apartment Therapy, and today I want to share some decorating tips that you can implement immediately!

1. Pick colours that calm you

A colour scheme is probably one of the most important factors in creating a relaxing ambience. Cool hues such as shades of blue, grey, and green are proven to reduce stress and anxiety. My bedroom wall, for instance, is painted in a gorgeous shade of dark grey-blue (Jotun 4710 Dew Blue).

Colours change under different types of lighting, so take that into consideration when choosing your paints. On that note, don’t be afraid of introducing a dark colour scheme into your bedroom as there are many ways to add accents to your room. White headboards, bedsheets, or simply a white ceiling can create a wonderful contrast to a dark colour scheme. Similarly, reflective materials such as brass or a mirror will naturally illuminate your room. Don’t forget to add a splash of warm colour from wooden furniture, or decorative pieces such as rugs and throw pillows!

2. Use multiple sources of light

Nothing is more important than lighting! Your pick determines if your room resembles a 5-star hotel or a hospital operating room. Lighting comes with different colour temperatures — so when it comes to your bedroom, cool white is not ideal as it is too harsh.

Multiple sources of lighting also create the ambience you love. Besides the main overhead light, recessed lighting in the ceiling or even under the bed could add extra drama and flair to your bedroom. Are you a reader? Bedside lights are useful if you want to curl under the sheets and not hobble out to turn off the main lights when sleep kicks in.

3. Inject personality into your space with art

Make your space your own by introducing art into your room. For instance, start by decorating the empty wall above your bed. If you have chosen to paint the wall with a plain colour like I have, having a large piece of statement art is the perfect solution to create a stylish and cosy look that showcases your individuality and personality. Just be sure not to pick garish or ostentatious art for your bedroom. Art imbues a space with energy, so you may need to choose something that soothes the mind and soul for your bedroom.

4. Transform your space with texture

Here’s a secret — mixing textures turns your look from drab to fab. Think about mixing natural wood with brass for your furniture, marble and glass for your trays and vase, wool for your rug and throw, and cotton or linen for your bedding. If your budget allows, go for natural materials — they’re not only gorgeous, but environmentally friendly as well.

5. Pick the right sheets to slip into

Select the right bedsheets for your lifestyle needs — they do wonders for your quality of rest. If you’re going to spend a third of your life in bed, it makes perfect sense to create the most comfortable environment. Choose a natural material that your skin approves of, be it cotton, linen or bamboo, and make your bedroom a sanctuary which you enjoy sleeping and waking up in.

6. Perk up your room with greenery

What’s better than waking up after a good sleep? Why, waking up to greenery and fresh flowers, of course! Plants are great things to have around the house. Not only do they look good, they infuse the room with positive energy and make you happy. Besides being great decorative pieces, they can also improve the indoor air quality. Jasmine, lavender, and snake plant, for example, may even help you sleep better.

7. Personalise your space

Your bedroom is your personal space and a safe haven from the outside world. Make it truly yours by putting pictures of your loved ones by your bedside. Light some scented candles and keep some books by your side to read before bed. Create a little nook at home that belongs to nobody else but you.