Daily Rituals with Mili and Maya Kale

Sisters Mili and Maya Kale are no stranger to trusting the process. Their shared endeavour, Moom Health, emerged from their own frustrations with finding the right wellness solutions to support their bodies and routines. Packing customisable daily doses into handy little sachets, Moom invites its community to tailor supplements to their own needs and incorporate it into the ebb and flow of daily rituals.

True to their mission at Moom, Mili and Maya have rituals dear to them — Mili prioritises her morning ritual, and Maya likes her evening one. They gave us a little glimpse into their own personal rituals, and shared with us how they handle disruptions in their routines, and what it means to stay curious and find ease in our own personal wellness journey.

Mili and Maya sharing a morning coffee in Mili's home.

Hi Mili and Maya! Can you start off by sharing what rituals mean to you?

To us, rituals are those little daily practices that help you feel calm, centred, and your best self. What we find most interesting about rituals, aside from their obvious benefits, is that they are unique to each and every one of us. That’s why we are always so intrigued by the daily rituals of our Moom community!

For Mili and Maya, daily rituals like lighting a candle or Palo Santo help them feel calm and centred.

What is the most important ritual of your day?

Mili: My morning ritual. I’m not a morning person by nature, but I am actively trying to be. I don’t do much, but giving myself an extra 10 minutes to just sit on my balcony, enjoy my coffee, move my body in some way, take my time to have a shower and go through my skincare routine, and pick out an outfit for the day, is something I truly enjoy. There are too many mornings where I rush out the door with drenched hair and my coffee in hand, but when I am able to have a ‘slow’ and intentional morning, I really do set myself up for the day.

Maya: I enjoy my morning ritual, but I also truly love my evening ritual. It’s my time to wind down. I start by cooking dinner, something that helps get my evening ritual started. Post-shower, I light all my candles and incense or Palo Santo — whatever I have on hand. I love ending the evening binge-watching a TV show or reading. I try to minimise phone and laptop time before I go to bed as much as possible — that’s definitely been hard since starting Moom, but it truly is a priority!

Mili likes to spends her mornings taking extra time to enjoy a cup of coffee on her balcony.

Maya lighting Palo Santo — something she enjoys as part of her evening ritual.

Are there any rituals from your childhood that you still practise today?

Dinner time has always been something our parents valued and made sure we were all together for. It used to be the time for the 4 of us to catch up and be together — minus phones and other distractions. Regardless of how busy we were, my mum always made sure we ate dinner together during the week. That concept of eating as a household has stuck with both of us. Even as we live on our own with our partners, we continue to make sure we eat dinner together, in our respective households, without our phones, and spend those 20-30 minutes dedicating time to each other.

Mili and Maya sharing a plate of fruit. Even as they live on their own, they continue to cherish spending dinner time as a household.

Whether planned or unexpected, stuff happens! How do you manage your health and wellness when your routines get disrupted?

Mili: I have always tried my best to make sure my daily rituals are simple enough that I can carry them with me wherever I am, or whatever the situation may be. Taking a little time for myself every morning regardless of where I am or what my morning consists of is something I do try to prioritise, but I have also really tried to embrace the fact that it's not possible to always be on top of any ritual. If 2021 has taught us anything, it's that nothing is certain! At Moom, we truly believe that things should be achievable and don’t need to be perfect. I think being ok with that is the key to managing overall wellbeing.

Maya: I agree with Mili! While I love and cherish my daily rituals, I also love being thrown in unexpected situations and dealing with what comes my way! Sometimes it’s for the good and sometimes for the bad, but I am really of the belief that we should live in the moment and embrace anything that comes our way. If my routine is disrupted one day, I just try to restart it the next day, or the next week!

Rather than trying to stay on top of their rituals all the time — something that's espcially hard to do since starting Moom — Mili and Maya try to embrace the unexpected.

What does listening to your gut look or feel like to you?

Mili: Trusting yourself and being decisive enough to go with it and stick with it. It sounds like such a simple concept, but it’s something I find so difficult!

Maya: Agreed with Mili. I think a lot of it has to do with believing in yourself. The minute you believe in yourself, trusting yourself and going with your gut just becomes so much easier!

"We truly believe that things don’t need to be perfect. I think being ok with that is the key to managing overall wellbeing."

Do you have any advice for people looking to experiment with their personal wellness routines to find what works for them?

There is no overnight solution and it will take time for you to find what truly works for you. The most important thing to remember is that it is a personal wellness journey, and what works for your friend may not work for you at all. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect wellness ritual’. Do some research, explore, and give your body and mind enough time to figure out what works for you!

Maya reads to take a break from screen time with her phone or laptop.

Mili and Maya are wearing the Bamboo Sateen Hang Loose Button Top and the Bamboo Sateen Everyday Pants, in both Seaglass Blue and Desert Rose.

Mili also wears the French Linen Easy Tank Top and French Linen Off-Duty Shorts in Blush Pink, paired with the Bamboo Sateen Hang Loose Button Top in Desert Rose.  

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Bamboo Sateen Hang Loose Button Top

Bamboo Sateen Everyday Pants

French Linen Easy Tank Top

French Linen Off-Duty Shorts

Bamboo Sateen Hang Loose Button Top

Bamboo Sateen Everyday Pants

French Linen Easy Tank Top

French Linen Off-Duty Shorts

Bamboo Sateen Hang Loose Button Top

Bamboo Sateen Everyday Pants

French Linen Easy Tank Top

French Linen Off-Duty Shorts