All About Our Sunday Have-It-All Pillow

We first thought about developing our own pillow two years ago but hesitated for a long time because we know pillows are a fiercely debated personal preference. Some of us look for softness, some look for support, and others swear by using only specific materials and brands.

So, we made it our goal to create a pillow that would suit as many people as possible by thinking out of the (pillow) box. Literally, we broke apart the conventional pillow and created 2 parts to provide both softness, support, and a variety of materials. Below, we answer a few commonly asked questions about the pillows. Feel free to reach out to us if you have more!

What’s so special about the Sunday Have-It-All Pillow?

We engineered the Sunday Have-It-All Pillow to provide an optimal balance of softness and support. To achieve this, we developed a 2-in-1 design by encasing an inner core of firm recycled polyester with an outer layer of soft down. An L-shaped zip around the pillow makes it easy to access the inner layer.

The use of mixed materials serves two purposes:

  1. Combined, it creates a firm but fluffy sleep experience that regular pillows don’t provide.
  2. Separately, the layers can be used on their own to further personalize your sleep experience. If you like a softer pillow, simply remove the inner core and use the outer layer on its own, or insert a pillow of your choice within. The inner pillow, made of recycled polyester, can similarly be used on its own for firm support.

Who is the pillow best for?

If you currently use a regular down pillow and find it too soft, or use a regular polyester pillow and find it too firm, you will be glad to know the Have-It-All Pillow offers the best of both worlds.

Both our colleagues and pillow testers comprised both side and back sleepers and found the pillow gave them enough yield and support throughout the night. However, Alex, our co-founder, tells us the pillow is not meant to be a dupe for memory foam pillows.

What is the pillow made of?

The inner core is made of recycled polyester for support. The outer layer is made of recycled down (duck feathers) for a softness that envelops your head while you rest. Both components are wrapped in smooth organic cotton.

What is recycled down and is it safe?

Recycled down is created with used down (from products like clothing or bedding) that is decontaminated, wash, dried, and sterilised with high heat. Not all recycled down is the same quality — degradation is bound to happen, so we worked hard to look for an accredited partner that would be able to deliver the same soft luxuriousness you get with virgin down.

Our recycled polyester and down are Control Union Certified to meet strict hygiene and environmental standards. It is perfectly safe to use.

Since the pillow contains duck feathers, will it smell of duck?

No, your pillow will be completely odour-free! Odours from products made with down are typically from remnant oils of feathers that have not been properly cleaned. Since our recycled down goes through sterilisation with high heat, you can rest assured that your pillow is free of all remnant oils.

Why does my pillow look spotty?

The dark spots that you might see through the organic cotton case are the darker feathers of the recycled down. These dark feathers are perfectly normal and do not affect the quality of your pillow.

Note: these dark feathers are more visible when the pillow is wet!

How long do I have to wait for the pillow to achieve full volume?

Your pillow is delivered vacuum packed and will take up to 3 days to reach its full volume. During this time, you are free to use the pillow as is.

How do I wash and dry my pillow?

Simply unzip the pillow and pop the two parts into the washing machine (no dry cleaning needed)! You can wash both the outer layer of recycled down and inner core of recycled polyester, though it is not necessary to wash the inner layer as often. Both will lose volume when wet and return to their full volume once dry. It is best to zip up the outer layer before washing. 

Machine wash as normal with a gentle detergent, and use only a non-chlorine bleach as needed. To dry, tumble dry in a dryer on low with clean tennis balls, or dry flat in the sun. Be sure to dry the pillow thoroughly — besides turning regularly to sun both sides, turn the outer layer inside out to dry out the corners.

How often should I wash my pillow?

Wash preferences are largely up to you, but it is generally recommended pillows be washed once every six months.

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