Sunday Fabrics: Why We Make Our Throws in Portugal

The Organic Cotton Cloud Throw was made to live up to its name — fluffy and cosy to snuggle in, and light and floaty to stay comfortable in the warm weather.

To create the perfect summer throw, we worked with our Portugal-based production partner, Têxteis Penedo. Têxteis Penedo holds ISO-9001, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and STeP by OEKO-TEX® certifications, but they’re not alone in their efforts towards sustainable and ethical textile production in Portugal.

The Cloud Throw's manufacturing origins belong to a national industry known for sustainable textiles.

Portuguese textile innovation

Dating back to the 18th century, the Portuguese textile industry has honed their expertise in textile manufacturing over decades, and leads in social and environmental responsibility in the sector. Made up of mainly small and medium textile companies, the industry is concentrated within the northern part of the country, enabling greater traceability and auditing of the entire supply chain — and much lower transportation footprints.

Têxteis Penedo also works closely with CITEVE, a textile technological institute, to develop more sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

A peek into the Têxteis Penado facility. Image c/o Têxteis Penado.

Softer fabrics with Organic Cotton

Têxteis Penedo uses sustainable fibres exclusively. This includes the Organic Cotton fibres in the Cloud Throw, which make up the throw's irresistibly soft handfeel.

Since Organic Cotton is handpicked, its fibres remain intact during harvesting. The longer, unbroken Organic Cotton fibres result in fabric that is softer and more durable compared to other cotton products.

Organic cotton fibres and an airy weave give the Cloud Throw its soft feel and fluid drape.

A weave that’s light, but strong

Our Organic Cotton fabric uses a gauze weave, which gives us the best of both worlds when it comes to developing a summer throw. Open, airy and lightweight, the breathable material help us stay cool in warmer weather, while draping elegantly over for a cosy, comforting feel during cooler times.

Plus, while it produces lighter fabrics, the gauze weave is actually stronger than the plain weave.

Designed to create effortless layer of colour and texture when draped over the bed, couch or lounge chair.

Aligned with rigorous Portuguese textile industry standards

In addition to national environmental regulations, Portuguese companies have to comply with European Union standards and ISO environmental standards.

As textile manufacturing in Portugal continues to grow, bodies and institutes like CITEVE are prioritising environmental impact, resource efficiency, transparency, traceability, CSR compliance and other environmental concerns — giving us the confidence that we’re working with an industry that shares our commitment to sustainable and responsible manufacturing.

The Organic Cotton Cloud Throw is our soft, fluffy companion for warm nights, afternoon naps, or simply easy days when we want to slow down.

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