Quality First  Wrinkle Free & Hypoallergenic. We believe in fuss-free care and love neatly pressed sheets that don't wrinkle easily. However, we also don't believe in treating our sheets with chemical fabric finishes that are often used by manufacturers to create wrinkle-free sheets. Our sheets are manufactured in one of the few factories that are able to produce sheets that are wrinkle free without being treated with formaledhyde resin.
Suited to Your Personal Preference: For those that sleep in a warm and humid environment  we offer 100% percale cotton sheets. These offer the ‘crisp’ feeling which works best in hot weather as it is able to to introduce some air flow and does not ‘stick' to your body.  However, for those that sleep in an air conditioned room, do consider the 100% bamboo sateen for that super soft & luxurious feel. Bamboo sateen is more tightly woven, making it ideal for year round comfort. 

Balancing between Durability & Softness: While a higher thread count usually implies softer sheets, a higher thread count may sometimes be achieved by thinning the thread which lowers durability. Fact is, as thread count rises, most cotton sheets become more prone to pilling and become more fragile. At Sunday, our 300-thread count pure cotton sheets ensures the best balance between durability and softness. 



Thoughtful Design


Design Focus: Easy to match with any home decor with our design-driven sheets. Choose between 'Drizzling Rain', 'Scattered Clouds' & 'Layered Dreams' for a unique addition to your home. 


Laundry Bag: Our sets come with a laundry bag, that makes washing so easy. Don't want to wash it yourself? Simply pack the sheets in our nifty laundry bag and send it to your cleaners 


Packaging:  Our packaging makes Sunday a wonderful gift for family and friends. The sturdy box also ensures that your sheets are protected throughout shipment.