Sunday Wind Down Guide

Light a candle and get in bed. Watch TV, read a book, stretch.

Beat the Sunday night blues and end your weekend on a relaxing note with five simple steps. You can also personalise this routine by incorporating some of your favourite wind-down activities.

Step 1:

Make up your bed with quality sheets

Fresh and clean sheets are the foundation of a good night’s rest.

All Sunday Bedding sheets arrive pre-washed — because nobody wants to do an extra load of laundry! Simply unbox, dress your bed, climb right in, and relax.*

Our sheets are certified MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® — the most demanding certification available for consumer textiles — meaning they are produced responsibly, sustainably, and ethically. You can always put your worries to bed when you unwind with us.

*If you have highly sensitive skin, we recommend washing your sheets before use.

Step 2:

Light your favourite candle

Scent is a powerful way to release tension and invite the body to relax. Create your own peaceful sanctuary as you breathe in your favourite calming scent, and enjoy the cosy flicker of candlelight.  

We love our hand-poured soy candle from Artisan of Sense, which is made with eco-friendly soy wax from US-grown soybeans.

The candle also uses only 100% pure essential oils and fragrances which are phthalate-free.

Step 3:

Make yourself a cup of hot tea

The act of preparing a special drink as you wind down can help signal a shift from work to relaxation.

We recommend caffeine-free herbal teas, which can boost your wellbeing while not interrupting your circadian rhythm.

The Apoteacaryᵀᴹ REST blend concocted by Super Farmers uses only natural ingredients to help improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. It draws on both Eastern and Western herbal wisdom, and is an antidote for moments of anxiety, despair, restlessness, and insomnia.

Step 4:

Ready the body with yoga in bed

A light session of yoga can help ease your mind, body and soul — perfect for concluding another busy day. It has also been proven to enhance sleeping habits! We asked yogi Sandra Woo to personalise a yoga routine just for you.

Check out the video below to start the session — right from the comfort of your bed.

Step 5:

Pop on your eye mask for deep sleep

Sleeping with an eye mask elevates melatonin production, which helps to balance your hormones and promote a healthy sleep pattern. Eye masks can also help to prevent puffiness around the eyes, so you rise the next morning feeling and looking fresh.

Made from Liberty Fabric, our eye mask is packed with 100% silk filing and encased in Liberty Fabric's 100% Tana Lawn - an ultra fine Egyptian cottone with a silk-like feel. Love its smooth, silky feel in bed? You’ll love it even more on your delicate eyes.

We love to help our community rest and sleep better, explore our journal for more tips and guides on mindful living.