Introducing Sunday Stories

Over the last few years, some of you have shared your frustrations and guilt you feel whenever you make time for rest, or the struggle you face in finding time for yourself. When we ran a poll back in June, 82% of #sundaysleepclub respondents even said they weren’t getting enough rest! These recurring themes have popped up in many so conversations we’ve had.

As a brand that believes in making rest more accessible to everyone, we began asking ourselves how we could go about creating lives where we don’t feel guilty about making time for rest? What kind of support do we need to live a thriving, whole life? How can we reclaim our time for what matters most.

We know we don’t have all the answers. So, we enlisted the help of our community and asked some of them to share their journey of what living well means to them. Just in time for our second anniversary, their reflections have been compiled in Sunday Stories, a very special birthday publication from us to you. We hope Sunday Stories inspires you and brings a moment of rest wherever you are. Keep on scrolling for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of Sunday Stories!

Sunday Stories will not be available for sale, but will be included in every Sunday Sheet Set order or with orders above $250 (while stocks last).

Meet our Muses

Alicia Tsi

Aude Giraud

Barbara Fritschy

Charlotte Mei

Cynthea Lam

Ifeoma Ubby

Janice Lee Fang

Mark Tay and Jen Yap

Behind Sunday Stories

Sunday Stories is a labour of love that we began during the Circuit Breaker period. It was important for us to photograph our #sundaysleepclub in their spaces as we wanted to explore the relationship between our living spaces and lifestyles. Due to the pandemic, we were only able to initiate house visits in late July.

Alex hard at work at our cover shoot.

Finally coming together — our first proof!

Printed and ready to be shipped.

Special thanks to our collaborators on this project: Public Culture, Fong May Ee, Juliana Tan, and Angela Pang.