3 Ways an interior stylist can help you achieve your dream home

The to-do list as a new homeowner can span long and tedious, which is why it’s important to assemble a team that can support you on your journey. Need a hand putting the finishing touches on your home post-renovation? An interior stylist is who you need to call. Read on to find out how they can help you bring your dream space to life.    

1. Develop a cohesive moodboard based on your preferences

Pinterest and Instagram are great sources for inspiration. But let's be honest: a well-pinned board does not make an interior stylist. Working with a good interior stylist will help you streamline your preference, and direct you to stick to a cohesive style. A good stylist should be able to distil your ideas and preferences into a palette that stays cohesive, looks good, remains functional, and feels like you — only better.

Do you know what styles your decorating preferences tend towards? Our friends at Make Room created a styling quiz to help you find out.

Image c/o Make Room

Image c/o Maker and Muse

2. Help mix and match finishes with expertise

The devil is in the details, and finishes — the surface material of fixed spatial elements — can often make or break how your home looks. From interior doors and wall treatments to flooring, joinery, carpentry, countertops, laminates, hardware, and more, an interior stylist possesses the industry insight and experience to help you select finishes that combine both form, function, and durability. They can also help you select finishes that work with your overall design vision — even without extensive renovation!

For instance, if you have a strong accent wall, Natalie from Maker and Muse advises choosing softer finishes like light-coloured wooden flooring to balance the look. Check out more tips from her here.

3. Work around physical constraints

Awkward corners, too many bay windows, or the lack of a storeroom — no space is perfect. An interior designer can turn these physical constraints into inspiration, or come up with clever solutions to problems you didn't even know you have.

In this room styled by @Houseofchais, the statement ceiling light draws the viewer's attention upward and creates height in the bedroom.

Image c/o House of Chais