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Note from Us

Hi! We are Alex & Clara. We founded Sunday Beddings with the vision of helping people wake up to a better morning. We believe everyone deserves to sleep easy with the best bang for buck sheets in the market.

Combining a veteran in the textile industry and an avid yoga practitioner (take a guess who is whom :p), we don’t just want to sell you bedsheets. What we hope to do is to create awareness around quality sleep and wellness.  In today’s hectic world, we want to go back to the basics of sleeping well, and becoming a better version of one’s self one morning at a time.

Imagine living a life where everyday is your Sunday. We hope Sunday Beddings helps revitalize you for the week ahead - happy shopping! 

- Alex & Clara, Co-Founders of Sunday Beddings

Leveraging our Proprietary Technology

We believe in fuss-free care and love neatly pressed sheets that don't wrinkle easily. However, we also don't believe in treating our sheets with chemical fabric finishes that are often used by manufacturers to create wrinkle-free sheets. Our sheets are manufactured in one of the few factories that are able to produce sheets that are wrinkle free without being treated with formaledhyde resin.

Balancing Durability & Softness 

While a higher thread count usually implies softer sheets, a higher thread count may sometimes be achieved by thinning the thread which lowers durability. Fact is, as thread count rises, most cotton sheets become more prone to pilling and become more fragile. At Sunday, our 300-thread count sheets ensures the best balance between durability and softness. 

Options to suit Your Preference

For those that sleep in a warm and humid environment  we offer 100% percale cotton sheets. These offer the ‘crisp’ feeling which works best in hot weather as it is able to to introduce some air flow and does not ‘stick' to your body.  However, for those that love the soft & luxurious feel, do try out the 100% bamboo sateen. Bamboo, an organic material, combined with a sateen weave (softer than other weaves) guarantees that fluffy soft feeling that we all love! 

Thoughtful Design

Design driven packaging, including a laundry bag that makes washing so easy. Our color palette and our designs are meant to inspire and create a relaxing environment for easy sleep.