About Us

A Little Story

They say good things take time. Ours is a story thirty years in the making. 

It begins with a boy, Alex, meeting a girl, Clara. Alex's family has been in the textile manufacturing industry for over three decades supplying products to established American and European stores. All his life, Alex has only known quality sheets. He's a walking book on the technical ins and outs of home textiles. 

When we started shopping for our new home together, Alex quickly realised how little most of us know about buying linens. It's too easy to get lost in the jargon (like 'thread count' and 'weave') but not understand how these things affect how we sleep. And it's too difficult finding quality sheets that don't cost an arm and a leg.

So we built Sunday Bedding as a solution to all that frustration. We're about great sheets. Reasonable prices. Less jargon. Better pairings. A little bit of Sunday every day. 

The Big Picture

Sleep is so personal. As a couple, we have completely different sleeping preferences: Clara sleeps cold and Alex sleeps hot. So how do you reconcile such different sleeping inclinations? You learn to bridge the gap.

Materials may be the traditional name of the game with bedding brands, but we’re bending the rules by helping you figure out what will truly work best for how you sleep. Do you like a lived in look? Do you sleep with pets or kids? Are you allergy-prone? In the same way sommeliers help to pair food and wine, we’re here to help you pair products to your sleeping preferences.

Because at the end of the day, we have one mission: to help you wind down your way and wake to a better morning. 

The Sunday Bedding Difference

What makes us different? We’re all about keeping things simple. Great sheets that are blind tested to ensure optimal comfort. Product information that’s actually useful. Linens you can wash without fuss. Free and easy returns within 30 days because your comfort is our priority. And a 2-year warranty on all our products.

At Sunday, we also believe that offering textiles diversity is not only due to market demand, but also the sustainable way forward. Textiles sustainability is very complex - there are many benchmarks and units of social impact to be measured. For example, cultivating 1 kg of cotton (currently 80% of the world's textiles production) draws on as much as 3,800 litres of water, and producing polyester consumes twice the amount of energy as cotton. By offering different textile options for our customers we hope to minimize our environmental footprint on the world. 

For more on our views, do check out our post on our commitment to textiles sustainability here

 And that's the long and short of our story! If you’ve made it this far, we think we should be friends. Come hang with us on @sundaybeddingsg.


Rest Easy,

Alex & Clara