Pillow Talk with Ginette Chittick

Ginette Chittick is everything you’d expect her to be — warm, confident, and easy-going. A multi-hyphenate punk rocker who has her hands in many pots: she makes music, creates art, designs bags, teaches students, weaves, and is even a mum (to a spirited Luella and a shy Koko the cat).

You work in the fields of art, music, and fashion. Can you share how you got started in so many fields?

Mostly by chance and a willingness to open myself to new adventures. You won't get there if you don't first explore new grounds, even if they are just for fun, so go along with new experiences as they really open doors.

What has been your approach to work? What’s your take on work life balance?

Ever since my teenage friends and I started the first all-girl punk band in Singapore back in the 90s, I've always been a punk rocker at heart. The DIY ethos has always been my de facto approach: learn loads on the job and learn fast.

 I’ve always thought to myself, “If other people can do it, I can do it too”. This was the case when I started my fashion label, became a bag designer, made my own zines, screen-printed my own Riot Grrrl slogan tees, started my own punk band (I didn’t know how to play the bass!), began weaving and making yarn… it’s the drive to create that has always been so strong. Not really knowing how to do something wasn’t really much of a deterrence for me. Though it might take me a longer time to get to the final product than someone with proper training, I’ve always enjoyed the process of learning as I make.

I work hard and play hard too! These days, playing hard includes spending quality time with my daughter and husband as well. So, rest times are really important. I have to compartmentalise my life really well.

Beyond work, you’re also mum to one very spirited Luella. Has motherhood changed your perspective on life?

I've become more empathetic over the years and Luella has really helped me with that. I want to be a role model for her, so she has also forced me to be more patient and cautious of what I say and how I exhibit my emotions. I used to be a lot more brash and reactive — still am — but I have to restrain myself and show her more positive examples.

Has becoming a mum changed your relationship with your own mum?

We've always had a really dynamic relationship and it's still that way today!

What’s something your mum or grandma taught you that you would like to pass down to Luella?

To fight for what you love and believe in.


Pillow Talk is an interview series done in collaboration with Public Culture, an editorial experience studio that believes in connection over communication. 


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