Sweet Dreams are Made of These: 3 Tips to Buying the Perfect Bed Sheets

Sleep is everything for the busy and chronically tired Singaporean. There is a wide range of quality bedsheets to pick from at Sunday Bedding, of course, but the question remains – how in the world are we supposed to choose the sheets most suitable for our lifestyle and requirements?

Finding the best fit, as it were, really boils down to three main considerations when picking the sheets of your dreams – material, thread count and weave. Here’s our top tips for a better and more comfortable sleep.

1) Material

Cotton generally remain as the public’s material of choice due to its durability and breathability. However, chemicals and water used to produce these are a huge drain on our natural resources. With recent innovations in technology, more environmentally-friendly methods have arisen.

Sunday Bedding’s bedsheets are crafted from bamboo trees that are sustainably harvested without the use of pesticides and are designed to be wrinkle-free. Eco-friendly and as comfortable sleeping on a cloud? Yes, please!

2) Thread Count

More is not always better. Similarly, for thread count, the primary misconception is that the higher number of threads woven per square inch of fabric is automatically an indicator of quality. This is not the case.

High thread count is generally less durable and prone to pilling. As such, if you’d prefer a fuss-free lifestyle, it does help to be mindful of the impact tread count has on the time spent on maintenance.

3) Weave

Percale and Sateen are the most common weaves in the market. Depending on your preference and personal tastes, Percale is great for those looking forward to slip into soft, luxurious bedsheets at the end of a hard day’s work. The weave gets softer after each wash, is light and durable but more prone to wrinkles.

Those looking for a fuss-free morning without wrestling with the sheets each time you make the bed, Sateen is a wonderful choice. It has the softness of silk but is hardy enough to be wrinkle-resistant.

The perfect bedsheet is one that you don’t have to struggle with in the mornings or when you’re doing your regular cleaning. Check out our latest selection for the best picks of sheets and wake up to a better morning today!


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Where is a good place to buy a bedding?
My family and I are moving and my ma is going to buy me a new queen size mattress. I need to find a place where I can buy one that’s cheap and comfortable bedding. I don’t need a bed frame just a mattress. Can you please send me a link to a store or suggest one. Thank your!

Sophia December 18, 2020
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abatina November 16, 2020

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